RR Funcub Next Generation

RR Funcub Next Generation
335.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
The Multiplex FunCub 1st generation in an easy, lightweight,very maneuvrable and fun to fly.
The FUNCUB Next Generation is a brand new model, saving and improving the qualities from his predecessor and add many  developments. The new wing ( 1.41 m wingspan, two panels) comes now with struts for more stiffness and to save weight, and it is easy to install using the included Multitool. The new landing gear get two strong legs made of welded steel. The new fuselage is designed with a fiberglass square rod which supports all the main structural charges : the engine support, the propulsion battery holder with its quick strap, the reinforced main train support and the shroud bases are directly attached to this high resistance spar. FUNCUB is stronger, more rigid and more reliable over time.
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