Bandit XL-5 TQ 2WD 1:10 (no battery/charger)

Bandit XL-5 TQ 2WD 1:10 (no battery/charger)
209.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
The Traxxas Bandit elevates RC buggy performance to a whole new level with faster speeds, innovative technology, hobby-grade durability, and a budget-friendly price. Bandit’s sleek, lightweight chassis delivers razor-sharp handling and blazing 35+ MPH speed with an aggressive body styled for maximum performance. Pull the trigger and the Bandit rips massive rooster tails, soars over jumps, and lays down the power for serious excitement at every turn. Equally at home off-road or on pavement, Bandit’s fully splashproof electronics make even the wildest all-weather adventures possible. Step up to genuine Traxxas quality and performance and discover a whole new level of fun with the Traxxas Bandit.
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