T6K 2,4 Ghz

Nu met 8 kanalen

T6K 2,4 Ghz
249.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
New in the 6K Version 2:

Two additional channels

Channels 7/8 are used through the R3006SB receiver's S.Bus/S.Bus2 ports
Allow for expansions or adding accessories
Can be assigned to any of the four switches or VR dial
Are included in Sub Trims, End Points, Reverse, Failsafe, Servo Monitor and Trainer
Expanded Flight Modes (Fly Mod) in multicopter programming

Priority — toggle through five different values assigned to flight modes on an assigned channel
Matrix — up to nine combinations using two, 3-position switches for controlling gimbals
Vibration alerts with timer functions and Throttle Integrate

SBS-01C current sensor and SBS-01V voltage sensor compatible

System features

-Airplane, Helicopter, Glider and Multicopter programming
-S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable
-Telemetry system (T-FHSS) with data speech (via earphones) function for monitoring receiver battery voltage, external voltage, temperature, RPM, altitude and variometer, current, capacity and voltage
-Built-in antenna (Full Range)
-S.Bus/S.Bus2 servo setting functions programmable through the transmitter
-Preset vibration alarms
-30 model memory
-8-character model/user naming
-Programmable mixes (3-normal, 1-curve) for airplanes, helicopters, gliders and multi-rotors
-Digital trims with variable step settings
-Adjustable stick length and tension
-Changeable switch/VR position and AUX channel function
-Throttle position warning
-Backlit 128x64 DOT LCD screen with adjustable display contrast
-Software updateable through the CIU-2 or CIU-3 interface units
-Screen Lock
-Earphone/S.Bus/Trainer jacks
-Assignable switches (three 3-position, one 2-position)
-Range Check
-Program navigation bay with jog dial, +/- pads and end pad
-Data reset
-Model copy
-Selectable model type
-Fail Safe
-End Points
-Trim/Trim Resets/Trim Steps
-Sub Trim
-Servo Reversing
-Parameter functions
-Servo monitor/Test
-Wireless model data transfer (to other T6K transmitters)
-Timer-System and Model (Up/Down/Down-Stop/THR Integrate) w/Vibration Alert
-Trainer system
-Power Saver
Airplane Functions

Wing Type (5-wing, 2-tail)
Throttle Cut
Dual Rate/Expo
Throttle Curve
Idle down
Aileron differential
Air Brake
Elevator-to-Flap mixing
Flap-to-Elevator mixing
Elevon mixing
Glider Functions

Wing Type (5-Wing, 2-Tail)
Condition select
Dual Rate/Expo
Motor switch
Aileron Differential
Butterfly mixing
Trim mixing
Elevator-to-Camber mixing
Camber mixing
Aileron-to-Camber mixing
Helicopter Functions

Swash type (6)
Condition Select
Throttle Cut
Dual Rate/Expo
Trim Offset
Gyro mixing
Swash AFR
Swash mixing
Throttle Curve (5-point)
Pitch Curve (5-point)
Pitch-to-Rudder mixing
Throttle Hold
Hovering throttle
Hovering pitch

Multicopter Functions

Flight Mode
Center alarm
Dual Rate/Expo
Throttle Curve
Throttle Delay

Six Languages