T10J 2,4Ghz

T10J 2,4Ghz
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Robbe/Futaba T10J-R3008SB, 2,4ghz T-FHSS (F4109)
Fully expanded ten-channel hand-held transmitter with integral telemetry function, exploiting 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® frequency-hopping technology.The ideal system for advanced pilots who wish to control fixed-wing model aircraft, helicopters and multi-copters, and appreciate the sensation of accurate control.
With its extremely comprehensive range of functions, the T10J can cope effortlessly with very demanding applications. In terms of programmable features there is virtually nothing it cannot do. The ergonomically efficient transmitter case is made to the usual high Futaba standards, lies comfortably in the hands, and is designed to allow all controls to be reached easily.
The backlit LCD screen provides 128 x 64 dots, and its large pixel size ensures good legibility in all lighting conditions.
The graphic user interface, with the renowned, simple Futaba menu structure, makes the unit very simple to operate. The menu structure can be displayed in any of seven languages. The 3D hot-key system is intuitive in operation, providing fast and simple navigation through the menu structure and easy adjustment of all parameters.

T-FHSS® 2.4 GHz technology High-speed Frequency Hopping modulation (100 x per second) for good interference rejection Future-proof (already conforms to the new EU norm for 2015) Integral 32-channel long-range telemetry system Real-time telemetry display on large screen Speech output via optional earphone with 3.5 mm barrel connector Melody and sound output (optionally via internal beeper or optional earphone) Vibration alarm Large 65 x 34 mm backlit screen (128 x 64 dots) S-BUS technology for fully digital inclusion of S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and S.BUS sensors S.BUS support makes it ideal for model helicopters with S.BUS flybarless systems Integral patch aerial for optimum signal radiation at all times Fully expanded ten-channel transmitter with 19 controls Accurate, slop-free sticks with Open-Stick mechanism The stick units are of universal design (Modes 1 and 2), and can be converted by the user. Supplied with high-power NiMH battery - ten hours operating time - and battery charger.
Gewicht ca.: 740
Gesamtflächeninhalt ca.: 740
Kanalraster: 1500
Erhaltungsladung: 1500
Frequenzkanäle: 30
Hauptrotordurchmesser ca.: 185
1 T10J 2.4 GHz T/S-FHSS transmitter 1 R3008SB 2.4 GHz T-FHSS receiver 1 5NiMH 2000 mAh transmitter battery 1 Tx-Rx 150 mA plug-type charger 1 Switch harness with charge socket 1 Operating instructions, German
Product Details
• 10 (8+2) channels
• Can be switched from T-FHSS (ten channels) to S-FHSS (eight channels) - modulation.
• T-FHSS® frequency-hopping technology with integral telemetry
• Broad channel spread is responsible for good interference rejection and ultra-fast response, giving a sensation of direct, accurate control.
• FEC technology, T-FHSS® receivers constantly scan the input signal, and apply an intelligent error correction process
• 100mW transmitter power
• No loss of response speed even when the frequency band is densely occupied
• Real-Time Response
• Outstanding range
• Direct, ultra-fast, fully digital modulation for extremely fast response
• Easy Link - fast, extremely simple binding process between transmitter and receiver
• Fast, reliable automatic re-binding even under difficult conditions
• Intelligent servo timing for simultaneous servo addressing and prevention of servo timing differences
• Dual Aerial Diversity – lightning-fast switching between two receiver aerials for optimum reception signal quality (according to receiver)
• Integral range-check function for checking effective range before flying

• Synchronised bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver with high telemetry data rate (up to nine times per second)
• 32 telemetry channels
• Long telemetry range
• Real-time display of telemetry data on integral screen
• Speech output via optional earphone with 3.5 mm barrel connector
• Melody and sound output (via optional internal beeper or earphone)
• Vibration alarm
• Receiver battery low voltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
• Freely configurable output of telemetry data using screen, sound, speech and vibration.
• Compatible with all Futaba telemetry sensors Ergonomics
• Precision stick units for fine, accurate control
• The "Open-Stick" mechanism features special bearings, and is virtually devoid of lost motion
• Large 65 x 34 mm backlit screen (128 x 64 dots) with high contrast for excellent legibility even in strong sunlight
• Graphic user interface and intuitive 3-D hot-key for simple operation of all functions • Seven languages available: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Dutch
• Consistent, intuitive Futaba operating system for simple change-over
• Most transmitter controls freely assignable
• Fully expanded, with nineteen transmitter controls
• Switchable stick modes (1-4) Trainer function
• using either optional cable or wirelessly using radio module or S.BUS receiver
• with individual function transfer (Teacher can release individual functions to the Pupil) and mix-mode (Teacher can override all functions)

S.BUS technology
• Digital BUS technology for modelling
• Pioneering serial control bus
• Fully digital inclusion of S-BUS components such as S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and S.BUS sensors
• The eight-channel T-FHSS receiver features eight PWM outputs and one digital S.BUS socket for S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and telemetry sensors.
• Compatible with S.BUS1 and S.BUS2 (bi-directional)
• Permits the ideal positioning of all components, with efficient wiring
• Future-proof digital technology for all future Futaba components
• S.BUS components can be programmed and registered directly at the transmitter
• Serial digital signal, ideal for flybarless systems, gyros and battery backers Functions - General
• 30 internal model memories
• Model memory transfer by radio between two T10J transmitters, or from T8J to T10J.
• Graphic servo monitor provides a clear display of all servo travels, with servo test function
• Wide receiver voltage range of 3.6 V to 8.4 V allows broad choice of receiver battery types • Future-proof: software update facility using optional CIU-2 adapter.
• Mixer menus for programming all servos and mixer functions according to model type
• Special model type specific mixer programs for:
- Power models (2…4 wing flaps)
- Model gliders (2…6 wing flaps)
- Helicopters (8 swashplate types)
- More information: see "Functions in detail"
• Five flight modes (Helicopter menu; three flight modes in the Glider menu) for each model memory, freely programmable to provide optimum settings for each flight mode
• Programs for all tail types: normal, V-tail, delta, flying wing, separate elevators (Ailvator)
• Servo travel adjustment for all proportional channels
• Servo reverse and centre offset for channels 1…8
• Digital trim buttons - trim value memory when model memory is changed.
• Trim value display in Home menu • Fail-safe and Battery fail-safe setting
• Two operating hours timers, one of them model memory specific
• Two freely adjustable stopwatches Software list Base functions:
• Alarm, mixer, low voltage, timer
• Model select, 30 model memories, model copy
• Trainer mode, with individual function transfer and / or Mix mode.
• Stick Mode 1...4
• Throttle function reverse
• Multi-lingual transmitter software
• Operating hours timer
• Range-check mode
• User name (ten characters)
• Digital operating voltage display

Model functions
• Model name (ten characters)
• Servo reverse, channels 1…8
• Fail-safe (channels 1…8)
• Servo travel adjustment (ATV / EPA)
• Servo centre offset (sub-trim)
• Trim value memory
• Trim increment adjustment
• Throttle cut
• Free channel selection (5…10) and transmitter control selection
• Two count-up / count-down stopwatches
• Model timer
• Digital stick trim with variable increment
• Idle trim with reverse (ATL)
• Reset

Fixed-wing model aircraft:
• 3 x switchable control travel (D/R)
• 4 x Exponential function (EXP)
• 6 programmable mixers with offset (4 x linear, 2 x 5-point)
• Flaperon mixer with differential
• Flaperon trim (flaperon mixer value)
• V-tail mixer (V-tail)
• Delta mixer (elevon) with differential
• Aileron -> rudder • Elevator -> flaperon
• Flaperon -> elevator
• Airbrake (ailerons as flaps / airbrakes)
• Ailvator mixer (aileron - elevator)
• Snap-roll
• Gyro mixer (2/3 rates)
• Throttle curve
• Propeller pitch
• Throttle delay
• Idle 2
• Throttle - needle valve mixer
• Model type selection

Model helicopter:
• 3 x switchable control travel (D/R)
• 4 x Exponential function (EXP)
• 6 programmable mixers with offset (4 x linear, 2 x 5-point)
• 5-point throttle curve, Normal, Idle-up 1, 2 and 3
• 5-point collective pitch curve, Normal, Idle-up 1, 2, 3 and auto-rotation
• Hover throttle trim (mix trimmer)
• Hover collective pitch trim
• Gyro gain set-up menu
• Offset mixer (roll - pitch-axis - tail rotor), all flight modes
• Auto-rotation with tail rotor offset
• Collective pitch -> tail rotor mixer
• Swashplate - throttle mixer
• Governor set-up menu (speed regulator)
• Swashplate travel adjustment (AFR for roll - pitch-axis - collective pitch)
• H1, H2, H3 (1:1:1), H4, HR3, HE3, HN3, H4X swashplate linkage types
• Collective pitch min. and max. adjustment
• Throttle - needle valve mixer
• Swashplate ring mixer
• Swashplate mixer menu
Model glider:
• 3 x switchable control travel (D/R)
• 4 x Exponential function (EXP)
• 6 programmable mixers with offset (4 x linear, 2 x 5-point)
• Aileron - rudder
• Rudder - aileron
• Camber-changing flaps
• Flap mixer
• Butterfly (crow) and Butterfly - elevator
• Flap - elevator
• Elevator - flap
• Aileron - flap
• Aileron - airbrake
• V-tail
• Motor
• Gyro mixer
• Model type selection