Hitec LYNX 4S

Hitec LYNX 4S
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- Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz System
- 4096 Resolution
- Built-in Transmitter Antenna
- Ultra-fast 4ms Hitec High Response System (HHR) when using the Axion 2 Receiver
- Bi-Directional Telemetry Function with the Proton 4 Receiver (RPM, SPEED, TEMP, VOLT)
- Backlit Graphic LCD Screen
- Steering Extension Included
- 6-Color LED Indicates Transmitter Status (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan)
- 3-Step Slide Switch for Mixing
- Variable Mixing for Car/Boat/4WS/Crawler
- Adjustable Wheel & Trigger Position
- Adjustable Spring Tension (Steering/Throttle)
- Built-in Vibration Mode
- Micro SD Card for Model Memory Extension, Music File Storage, Warning Sound File Storage (Not Included)
- Music Play Mode (*.WAV File From Micro SD Card)
- Warning Sound Mode (*.WAV File From Micro SD Card)
- 30-Model Memory (With Micro SD Card, 30 More Models Can Be Added for Max. 60)
- 12-Character Model & User Naming
- Assignable Functions (Switches, Dials & Trims)
- Easy-to-Change Control Mode for Left Handed Drivers
- Fail-Safe Position Assignable by Transmitter
- PC Link Support (Firmware Update)
- Ear Phone Jack for Music & Warning Sound
- Operation Voltage 4.8V~8.4V (2-Cell LiPo / 2-Cell LiFe / 4-Cell NiMH / 4-Cell NiCD)


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