RTF Funman mode 2-4

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Multiplex Funman RTF
Have fun while you’re learning!
With its big wheels, this high-winger can take off from almost any field. Fast in the air, with good control response and docile handling. Rudder, elevator and throttle controls as standard. For maximum fun add the optional aileron upgrade set.

Now you’ll have real fun while you’re learning!

Kit contents:
ELAPOR®-Modell 95% factory-assembled, inclusive PERMAX BL-O 2830-1100 motor, speed controller MULTIcont BL-20 SD, assembled propeller 8"x 5, 2 Servos Nano-S, receiver RX-5 M-LINK ID 7,Li-BATT FX 3/1-950 (M6) flight battery, Transmitter SMART SX M-LINK, Transmitter batteries, MULTIcharger L-703 EQU 230 V, applied decal and comprehensive instruction.
Wingspan:        1010 mm
Overall lengh:        820 mm
All-up weight:        ca. 580g
Total surface area:        22 dm²
Wing loading:        26g/dm²
Channels:        3
RC Functions:        rudder, elevator, motor, optional ailerons
Flight time:        ca. 8-10 min
Construction time:        15 min
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