SRT DL5020

SRT DL5020
SRT DL5020
SRT DL5020
SRT DL5020
29.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
DL5020 LV Digital Waterproof Servo


& Ideal for 1/10 on road and 1/8 off road scale applications
& Intermediate aluminum case
& NMB dual main bearings
& Superior waterproof
& 25T output shaft


Type: Digital
Bearing: Dual
Motor Type: DC
Gear Type: Metal
Gear Material: Titanium & Alu
control system: pulse width control
working frequence: 1520μs / 330hz
operating voltage: dc4.8-6.0v
operating temperature range: -10 to + 60 degree
operating speed (4.8v): 0.18 sec/60 degrees at no load
operating speed (6.0v): 0.16 sec/60 degrees at no load
stall torque (4.8v): 16.5kg.cm (229.1 oz/in)
stall torque (6.0v): 20.0kg.cm (277.7 oz/in)
potentiometer drive: direct drive
dimensions: 40.7x20.5x39.5 mm /1.6x0.8x1.55 in
weight: 65.0g (2.29 oz)
connector wire length: jr 250 mm