Graupner Soundswitch 2

Graupner Soundswitch 2
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The Sound module SOUNDSWITCH 2 was developed for the RC model construction in
order to equip models, with an as realistic as possible, speed-dependent engine sound (e.g.
engine sound). To make the background noise perfect, in addition to the engine sound, up to
16 additional sounds can be played. Moreover automatic turn on-, turn off-, starting-,
stopping-, idling-, braking- and engine noises can be played. In addition 8 easy configurable
random sounds are possible as well.
The sound output occurs on this module with 4 channels, which means in addition to the
engine sound, 3 further additional-/random sounds can be played simultaneously.
Information of the driving speed (up to 255 steps!) can either be taken from 1 to 2 motors
(analogue and mix mode), or 1 to 2 proportional channels (digital mode) of the receiver are
used for the speed information.
Each sound can be changed at any time on the Sound module. For this purpose, just a
Windows PC with an USB port and our software "USM-RC Sound-Teacher" is necessary.
You can use this Sound module for a variety of models.
An efficient audio amplifier is already available on the board. Therefore only a loudspeaker is
needed to be connected for the sound output.
In addition there are 7 switching outputs for the connection of LEDs, lamps, relays for
example. Furthermore different light effects (light, stop light, indicators, hazard warning light,
MG fire, flickering-light and so forth) can be implemented at these outputs.