Modelcraft Plastic Handled Craft Knife

5.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Modelcraft Plastic Handled Craft Knife #5 (115mm)

This 115mm (4.5") plastic handle with #24 blade can stand up to some of the toughest tasks. It is perfect for controlling all heavier duty work and is used for cutting, carving & shaping materials such as, cardboards, paper, plastic & foils etc. It's also an excellent tool for deburring, stripping & gasket cutting. Can be used plastics, hard wood, rubber & foam. Ideal for art, hobby, home, office & industrial purposes.

Knife Handle #5 & Blades

The Modelcraft collection also offers the #5 handle in a set PKN3305/S including knife handles #1 & #2 plus a choice of blades suitable for all crafters, hobbyists and professionals.