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Brandweer Wagen
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Fascination fire brigade - children are always fascinated by the heroes of everyday life! They race up with blue light, rescue people from burning houses, put out fires or help little kittens from high trees. With the new Easy Starter Fire Trucks toddlers from the age of three can slip into the role of the firefighter. With the help of simple rotating mechanisms, four different fire trucks can be built, guaranteeing fun! The fire truck is the basis for all other superstructures: For example, an extendable turntable ladder can be built, thus creating a turntable ladder vehicle. The toy car also has a two-axle trailer on which a water tank or a cable winch can be mounted. The fire engine can be converted at any time. It is no problem to mount the water tank, turntable ladder or winch on the fire truck or on the trailer. Even more fun can be had by filling up the tank with water before the big fire brigade operation! The toy car, not only convinces by the simple, flexible connection system, but also by the design, which was developed especially for small children. While the little firefighters play in depth, many motor skills, such as eye-hand coordination and gross and fine motor skills, are also strengthened.


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