BB601 Will Everard

BB601 Will Everard
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The original name of this vessel was "Will Everard".

Built in 1925-1926 for F.T. Everard & Sons at Great Yarmouth, the "Will" was the last of four 280 ton barques.

The ship was built with a hull of steel and was used be the Everard family for over 40 years for cosatal navigation along the Eastern coast of England, the islands and the English Channel.

A diesel engine was installed in 1951, but in 1967 it was decided to take the "Will" out of service.

After nine years at rest, the "Will" was bought in 1976 by Overseas Container Ltd.. Since then, the vessel has sailed in European waters, rounding England several times and visiting over 50 ports on the Continent - sailing as a living memory of sailing ships from times past and giving impressive publicity for the owners.

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