Phantom XB 1:10 RTR

Phantom XB 1:10 RTR
269.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
There's a reason why Maverick by HPI is the ultimate go-to brand both for newcomers starting out in their RC hobby and those more experienced drivers adding a third or fourth vehicle to their fleet! ...It's because we get that people want to race, jump, bash (and crash) and be confident that their new RC pride and joy is tested and backed by HPI's seal of quality. Meaning spectacular action at your fingertips. Simply charge n' go and keep coming back for more!

And with the Maverick Phantom XB you get a powerful 4WD racing buggy with enough speed to keep you on your toes, in a super easy to drive, awesome, fun package!

This RC buggy is truly a great taster for the RC hobby!
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