ETNZ 1M American Cup Racing Yacht

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Length(mm / in.) (993mm)39.4"
Beam(mm / in.) (172mm)6.75"
Mast Height(mm / in.) (1,306mm)51.4"
Sail Area(sq. dm² / sq.in.) (48dm²)744sq.in
Overall Height(mm / in.) (1,700mm)67"
Overall Weight(g / oz.) (3.5kg)7.7lb

< Quality Factory Pre-painted Fiberglass Hull
< Well-finished hull with comprehensive hardware.
< High Performance Plus “Tear Resist” Racing Sails
< Light yet Rigid Extruded Aluminum Booms and Master
< Stabilized Low Drag Hydrodynamic Steel Ballast
< Black Anodized Aluminum Stand Included
< Officially Licensed by ETNZ


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