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LRP Deep Blue 340

LRP Deep Blue 340

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LRP Deep Blue 340

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- 2.4GHz Technology - Simultaniously race with multiple Deep Blue boats
- Safety system - Propeller only rotates in water
- Battery warning system - Warns you as soon as the battery gets empty so there is enough time to bring the boat back to the shore
- RESCUE Function - Boat can be rightened again after capsizing via the remote-control
- Unsinkable*
- After succesfully binding the boat, the rudder also works outside of the water. The motor does not work outside of water to provide additional safety.
- Heavy-duty metal rudder linkage
- Easy to control
- Recommended by World Champion Gunnar Felger
- RTR - Ready to Run
- Reinforced propeller
- Fancy metallic paint
- Spare parts available
- Boat rack included